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The Blinders • Play Dead • Back in the City / Supersonic (Free entry)

mars 18 / 19h00 - 23h00


Cette soirée est faite pour les fans de… Arctic Monkeys, Protomartyr & Cabbage

(Indie rock – Doncaster, UK)
The Blinders are the band to restore your faith in rock. They boast firebrand political righteousness, noir melodicism and a fierce cultural intelligence that finds them referencing everything from Wilde to Shakespeare, from 1984 to 2001. Cue 2018’s debut ‘Columbia’, a torrent of dark rock wildfire, named after the utopia which Charles Manson promised his Family but describing a modern day 1984 dystopia of oppression and rebellion, with Johnny Dream their Winston Smith. “It allowed us to tell the story from a character’s point of view like a novella,” says Tom. “It was looking at the abuses of power, at power constructs and why society is organised the way it is.” The concept caught on – Radio 1, 6Music, Clash and Classic Rock became champions of the Blinders cause and the summer of 2019 saw them invade the European festival circuit. Meanwhile, in their new rehearsal space in a renovated Manchester mill, they set about moulding a more sophisticated second album. “We were looking at ourselves as opposed to the outside world,” Tom says. “When you get to that age, 19, 20, 21, you start to know that you know nothing. The album “looks everything in the eyes of what we deal with. It’s drug use, it’s lack of faith in humanity, its fears and anxiety and dealing with depression. It’s everything we wanted to talk about.”…/artist/3Z8Y3Ek99rukRa1Hdo14GE

PLAY DEAD (21h00)
(Punk – Blitzcat Records – Londres, UK)
Composed of Joe Blair (vocals, guitar), Ollie Clarke (bass, backing vocals) and Elias Brewin (drums, percussion), PLAY DEAD first burst onto the scene with cyclist punching tale ‘Shaun’ – entrenching support of tastemakers in press and radio. Conjuring scenes of carnage on the floors of basement venues with fellow high risers HotWax and Snayx, ‘Thameslink’ is PLAY DEAD’s first single since autumn 2022 with a busy tour and release schedule planned for 2024.
FFO / Si vous aimez : Idles, Grade 2, The Chats

(Indie rock – Paris, FR)
Suite à une longue tournée en 2023, le groupe a consacré ses derniers mois à l’enregistrement de leur premier album, qui sortira en fin d’année 2024. Sombre et sauvage, le groupe fait la part belle à la vague rock anglaise des années 90/début 2000.
FFO / Si vous aimez : The Strokes, Oasis, The Verve
Lundi 18 Mars 2024
Entrée gratuite
• Ouverture des portes à 19h00
• Happy Hour de 19h à 20h
• Si vous êtes témoin ou victime d’une agression, vous pouvez alerter le personnel du bar ou si vous préférez, vous pouvez nous écrire à cette adresse:
9 rue Biscornet, 75012 Paris
Métro Bastille (sortie rue de lyon)

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mars 18
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19h00 - 23h00
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9 Rue Biscornet
Paris, 75012 France
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