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Thumpasaurus • Welly • LIQR / Supersonic (Free entry)

juin 16 / 19h00 - 23h00


Concerts gratuits, Nuits rock et Disquaire à Paris !

(Dance funk – Los Angeles, USA)
Long before the age of humans, the Thumpasaurus roamed the Earth, serving the cosmos as the teachers of the Thump. The thump traversed all beings, and the Thumpasarus helped distribute its secret wisdom to all sentient and non sentient creatures. It was good. As time passed and the Earth fluctuated between periods of great peace and great unrest, the Thumpasaurus became a threat to growing forces of evil- who fueled by a primary motivation in consumerism sought to eliminate the Thumpasaurus. To save the species and protect the goodness of the Universe, The Thumpasaurus fled the earth to the outer reaches of space time – though the Thumpasaurus swore to return to the Earth as harbingers of the age of reawakening. In their last gift to the consciousness of the cosmic manifestation of the Earth and its beings, the Thumpasaurus wrote down the secrets of the Thump in a manuscript of real troof and buried it in a sacredly SECRET location (the appalachian mountains) in hopes that the Thump would survive and benefit future generations with happiness, love and thump. As buildings turned to sand, and memories to dust, so too did the ancient memory of the Thumpasaurus and with them disappeared the philosophy of Thump.

(Post punk – Southampton, UK)
So, you’ve come down here in hopes of finding out more about this poxy band. I can help you. I’ve sat here, for a while now, waiting for visitors like you, waiting to tell them about the vision, the manifesto, the mantra of Welly; and yet they never came.
However! Now YOU’RE here, wanting to know the meaning behind all of this, and as our instagram followers soars over the almighty millenium mark, I should expect more of your sort to come. I need an elevator pitch, a pithy one-liner, a slogan. Something that can succinctly sum up this amalgam of GCSE-Drama stars and BritSchool-dropouts.
Something which might, fleetingly, keep you off of your screen. Something witty, but poignant too (as Josh says). It’s Pop. That’s it. Pop. It might not sound like it right now, but Pop is coming. This is New Pop. Modern, grassroots, cutting edge yet oh-so-familiar, cosy. Pop will no longer be held by those without the artist’s touch, by suits, in shared Shoreditch office spaces, drunk on Pret Soups. Pop will not become the ‘element on the periodic table’ it is screeching to be, just an ingredient in yet another compound, producing for the produced, consumed by the consumptive. No. This is Pop. Top of the Pops. The Great British Talent Show. Who will show up this week?
Why can’t Popstars look like someone that lives two doors down? Someone who’s Mum your Aunt (who isn’t an Aunt) knows from Pilates? Where do these Popstars come from? Here. Here we are. Soon, it’ll be our turn for a bit.

(Punk jazz – Paris, FR)
LIQR est un groupe de Punk Jazz formé en 2017. Le groupe est composé de Emile Cooper LEPLAY (Chant/Guitare), Louis HAYNES (Basse/Choeurs) et Jo FEUERSTOSS (Batterie/Choeurs).
Naviguant entre des grooves énervés et mélodies enivrantes racontant la vie d’un personnage nommé Orion.
Le nom du groupe se définit par l’ambiguïté même qu’il propose ; le choix d’un liquide sucré qui par la brûlure qu’elle procure conduit à une ivresse certaine.
C’est sur scène que le potentiel du projet se révèle. L’exigence instrumentale du trio ainsi que l’énergie contagieuse qu’il dégage ont su convaincre le public à chaque représentation en France mais aussi en Angleterre, assurant les premières parties de groupes tels que Arcades, King nun ou encore Big spring.
Le premier EP « The Dawn Of Orion » sorti en mars 2020 introduit le personnage d’Orion dont nous suivons la suite des aventures dans le deuxième EP « & Aurora » à paraître en Octobre 2022.
Vendredi 16 Juin 2023
Entrée gratuite
• Ouverture des portes à 19h00
• Happy Hour de 19h à 20h (3€50 la pinte)
• Si vous êtes témoin ou victime d’une agression, vous pouvez alerter le personnel du bar ou si vous préférez, vous pouvez nous écrire à cette adresse:
9 rue Biscornet, 75012 Paris
Métro Bastille (sortie rue de lyon)

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juin 16
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19h00 - 23h00
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